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The American version are the newer version of HeroQuest. Tiles Look in the Quest Book for theese. You can download this package if you want them in a. Game manuals, card templates, original game images, etc. Create your own: Hero Template, small size (glametesaspo.cf). Monster Template, small size (glametesaspo.cf). Rare comic book tie-in to the HeroQuest board game.

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Heroquest Tiles Epub Download

The Trove is the biggest open directory of RPG PDFs on the Internet!. Dungeon Core Set contains 25 generic geomorphic tiles that will allow you to Our game boards were originally designed to be used with Heroquest. I assume it was talking about is the default download format "watermarked PDF". . Superhero · Western · Other/Generic. Format. PDF · Print · EPUB. Yeah dude actually have glametesaspo.cf glametesaspo.cf coming further on down the road. 1 · Thumb up · tip If you have the files already you might want to download the newer ones. At some A note on the Dungeon Tiles I think.

Artifacts 10 Cards in total. Links Back to Index. So I figured it was time to start preparing my game for when they are ready in about the next 5 years. I would do this if say my group would consist of guys our age, like one bunch of arrows lasts one quest, then you have to restock. Cards Theese cards are not added to the full package, becouse I feel that the Card Creator makes printing of new cards alot easier. If you subtract one for each weapon, the player is left with a really expensive battle axe. Maybe there is a arnory the blacksmith will make a mistake, or steal from the heroes altogether. For cards, I use the Card Creator made by Trent. And you have some of them here.

But the problem there is that It won't let me print at exactly The result is that the printed maps are slightly bigger than 10"x10" and will not fit with other 1" scale tiles or a standard battlemap grid.

Also, I like to paste them onto foam core which comes in sheets that would be easily divided by 10" squares. Adobe Acrobat reader also will not allow me to scale the document to any scale that includes a decimal point so photoshop is the only option I have that can do it. So how can I get the colors right in photoshop?


Sorry you're having trouble printing. Have you tried using the jpegs provided with each of our sets? If you open the jpegs in Photoshop you can tweak colours etc.

Then, you can cut them and paste into an A4 document in Photoshop, save as a pdf and then try printing. You could also scale the jpeg as a layer in Photoshop before printing. Then, when using Acrobat, you can print without scaling, confident that it's the right size because you've scaled it in Photoshop first.

Let us know how you get on. What you suggest is a LOT of work though. I don't get how I'm the first customer to have had this problem. The 1" scale is, if not the most ubiquitous, VERY ubiquitous.

So why not make things easier for your customers? I will probably end up buying everything you have because the quality is great. I'm a professional graphic designer and I'm telling you that it is too much trouble for me to open each jpeg file separately, scale it, re-slice it to fit on a letter size paper I'm American and I buy letter sized photo paper save it to pdf, and then combine the separate pieces into a printable pdf.

Rules Of The Game e-Pub

Why can't you guys publish a properly scaled 1" square version that is set up for letter sized paper? Honestly, the letter size thing is not a big deal, but resizing to You would only have to do this work once, instead of expecting every See more one of your customers who want 1" scale to do the process you outlined above.

We publish at 28mm because this allows people to reduce the scale to 25mm, rather than have to increase it to 28mm which would cause a loss in quality. I'm not sure people have had an issue with this before though, because it's the first we've heard of it.

Have you tried these exciting battlemaps?

We're sorry that you're having an issue with it though. We only suggested the method above because you mentioned you weren't able to get the colours right when you opened it in Photoshop.

Maybe the solution for you will be to try different colour profiles, or check calibration of your monitor. I'm sure you've already tried some of these since you're a graphic designer, but perhaps the solution lies with getting the image you see on your monitor to reflect the actual printing, and then use Photoshop to avoid the scaling issue you're having.

I get the reason why you publish for 28mm. I'm sure that anyone who wanted 28mm could use the jpgs, though. I'm merely suggesting that instead of requiring customers to use professional image editing software on a tile by tile basis, that you publish the PDF in the 25mm 1" scale, or at least take the time to set of an alternate pdf.

Wouldn't you agree that 1" scale is the more common scale? It is super convenient to just open a single pdf file and click print selecting all the pages that contain the tile halves , but only if you want 28mm.

If you want 25mm, there is no simple way to do it as page one of your pfds suggest. Maybe the reason you have not heard this complaint yet is that most everyone is using your files for VTT, because anyone who actually tries to print at Non Commercial Wargame Rules Local Files The following rules are found on the web as freely distributable files, usually with permission of the original author.

Hero Quest Marvel Winter Special

Designed to be played with modified Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars! I like it!

Very amusing! By Alan Saunders and the Staines Wargame group. I like his work. Click picture above to download Munera rules in Epub format. As near as I can tell, the original authors are pushing a RPG-like game when they discuss the scale game and a larger tactical game otherwise.

This epub is pretty dense— and was time-consuming to create, as it had lots of little tables here and there, many of them reconstructed in XML to make for an easier read, but the tables in the appendices I just made graphics of, as they were too densely printed to HTMLize. NOTE: recently had a minor edit.. I had a hankering to create an Epub from a classic Musket and Pike set of rules.

HeroQuest Downloads

Charge Pikes is probably more technical than some of the choices provided here but nothing that will give Clausewitz a headache. I like this era and have been considering buying some miniatures for it— I could easily see running a game using an Ipad. Look for the link when it gets done.

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